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Transform your videos to improve learner engagement and enable them to complete your courses.

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Chaptering & In-Video Quizzes

Make your courses engaging and interactive

Your learners will complete courses if they can interact with videos. Use auto-chaptering and in-video quizzes to increase learner engagement levels.

Video Captions & Transcript

Ensure learners understand your videos

Learners will stay longer if they can understand your video courses better. Help them find valuable information with video captions and video transcripts.

Learner Analytics

Track learners and improve your courses

Learners leave traces while watching videos. Learn about their drop-off points, revisits, popular topics, and more to further upgrade your course and provide a better learning experience.

Video Accessibility

Create videos accessible by everyone

VideoKen complies with accessibility standards, such as WCAG 2.0 AA, CVAA, and 508, fulfilling all guidelines to help you keep your lesions consumable by everyone.

Video Security

Make your learning content exclusive for your learners

Add watermarks, geo-restriction, and additional layers of security to protect your learning videos.

Trusted by 100+ Learning Leaders

"VideoKen helps transform online learning into a truly engaging and personalized experience for learners. Their intuitive and interactive video solution is more valuable to Learning Leaders now than ever before."

Lorna Bryant
Vice President - Client Success, Stride Inc.

“Videoken is the best solution I've come across that could help Kaplan with our massive video library. It's an innovative way to index, organize, retrieve, consume and display our video learning material to our customers. Videoken's tech allows us to be able to treat video files like text documents - this represents such a great value to learning organizations like Kaplan.”

Sairam Rajagopal
Executive Director - Product Management, Kaplan Inc.

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