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Test your learners’ knowledge, increase engagement and turn video-based learning into a fun experience.

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In-video quizzes allow you to make your videos interactive and engaging. Help viewers explore concepts, test their knowledge, and spot skill gaps.

Create in-video questions

Add quizzes and questions anywhere in the video in a few clicks without having to use time-consuming video editing tools. Quizzes can help you increase learner engagement, improve recall value, spot skill gaps, and reduce dropouts.

Configure in-video quizzes

VideoQuest offers a wide choice of configuration options to help you design and manage customized quizzes that meet your learning objectives.

You can create single or multi-question quizzes, set time limits for the quiz, allow retakes, and make quizzes mandatory or optional — all within a few clicks. VideoQuest enables you to create professional-looking custom quizzes that deliver results.

Track and analyze quiz results

Collect learner-level and question-level analytics to understand learners’ behavior, measure growth, and optimize your videos to deliver better learning outcomes.

LinkedIn Learning

Leverage VideoQuest capabilities within your LinkedIn Learning subscription to help learners self-assess themselves. Use our simple Chrome extension-based interface to add multiple-choice questions to your LinkedIn Learning videos.


Do I need to edit my videos to add a quiz?

There’s no need to use complicated video editing tools. VideoKen features a simple interface that can help you create and add quizzes to your videos in seconds.

Do I need to learn a tool or a new skill to create quizzes?

Not at all. You should just focus on coming up with great questions, and VideoKen will help you add them to your videos.

How quiz helps in finding skill gaps?

In-video quizzes help test learners’ knowledge, enhance retention, augment employee engagement, gather data, promote interaction, and examine the ability to think and analyze critically.VideoKen can help you test employees’ skills as they watch your LinkedIn Learning videos. By creating quizzes embedded in videos, you can easily spot and address skill gaps.

What are the different types of questions available for quiz?

Right now, VideoKen features multiple-choice questions.

Can I create multiple questions in a quiz?

Yes, you can add as many questions as you want.

How can I add a quiz to the video?

Open VideoKen’s quiz interface at a desired point in the video and add questions from our simple interface. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to do it.
1. Find the point on the video where you want to add a quiz.
2. Click on the add button.
3. Add question text and available answers.The multiple-choice question offers two answers, but you can also add more options by clicking the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen. By default, the first option is correct.
4. Click the (+) icon to add more questions.
5. Repeat the above steps to add as many questions as needed. Click "Save" once done.
6. Your quiz is ready. Viewers can access it at the selected point in the video timeline.

Where can I place a quiz in the video timeline?

You can place quiz questions anywhere you want in the video.

What benefits do learners get if I check “reveal answer” in quiz configuration?

By revealing answers, learners get instant feedback on questions. They don't have to watch the video again to find the answer.

How do I allow learners to retake a quiz?

Just check this option in VideoKen’s interface, and learners will be able to take the quiz again if they want.

What is the “dismiss quiz” option?

You can allow learners to dismiss questions instead of having to provide an answer to them throughout your learning videos.

How do I time the quiz?

When creating quizzes, you can set the time that learners have to answer each question.

Can I watch the demo?

We’d love to schedule a demo with you and demonstrate how VideoKen makes your LinkedIn Learning videos more engaging and interactive.

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