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Trusted by 100+ Learning Leaders

How leaders like you around the world are delivering enhanced learning experiences by using VideoKen.

VideoKen helps transform online learning into a truly engaging and personalized experience for learners. Their intuitive and interactive video solution is more valuable to Learning Leaders now than ever before.

Lorna Bryant
Vice President - Client Success, Stride Inc.

VideoKen has helped us spot skill gaps, and prioritize and improve our learning content.

Victoria Fozard
Director of Training & Enablement, Aktana

Videoken has made our (ICLR) conference videos recordings more discoverable and engaging. Our audiences are now able to easily search and find the right video to watch from a vast library of current and past event recordings that is categorized and auto-chaptered by VideoKen

Andrea Brown
Executive Director and Conference Manager at ICLR

Working with VideoKen has greatly improved our video experience.  From video chapters, word clouds, and searchability, to viewer sentiment, in-video quizzes, and dynamic watermarks to limit piracy, our every need has been met with a solution

John Bloodworth
Director of Curriculum and Content Development

Videoken is an excellent solution to make video consumption indexed and bite-sized thus facilitating engagement and retention of information. Users can literally jump to the relevant section of the video thereby making the experience more linear.

Aparna Ayyar
Head, Global Training, Cactus Communications

Videoken has made ICTS' videos more discoverable through deep video search and other features. It is a game changing boost for researchers and learners.

Rajesh Gopakumar
Director - International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS)

Turn training videos into simple & engaging learning content

Training videos are often perceived as dull and tedious to watch, resulting in learners dropping off within the first few minutes.

Engage with learners as they enjoy and interact with your training video. Help employees acquire important skills and knowledge to meet your organization’s people development goals.

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Enhance your eLearning content to attract & retain new learners

Enhance your eLearning content to attract & retain new learners

Most learners get quickly disengaged after signing up for a new course and soon drop out of it.

Improve your eLearning video content and minimize the drop-offs in your courses. Have learners crave new knowledge as they progress through your course or lesson.

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Convert your webinar and conference attendees into long-term audiences

Recorded events and conferences last for hours, and viewers often don’t feel like watching them entirely.

Engage with existing audiences and address new ones by making your on-demand videos interactive. Help viewers find the information they want in your videos and turn them into long-term followers.

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Convert your webinar and conference attendees into long-term audiences
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"Videoken is the best solution I've come across that could help Kaplan with our massive video library. It's an innovative way to index, organize, retrieve, consume and display our video learning material to our customers. Videoken's tech allows us to be able to treat video files like text documents - this represents such a great value to learning organizations like Kaplan."

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Sairam Rajagopal
Executive Director - Product Management, Kaplan Inc.

How does VideoKen transform your videos?

When AI meets creativity, learning becomes fun and engaging.

Video Chapters

Videos are inherently opaque. With ‘Video Chapters,’ your learners can navigate through a video as they would do with a book — all with the power of AI.

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VideoKen video chapters

In-Video Quizzes

Assess learners while keeping them engaged with your video. Identify and spot skills gaps that you can quickly address.

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Invideo Search


Tap into in-depth analytics to gain insights into your learners’ preferences and behavior to further optimize your learning content.

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Transform your events & conference recordings into captivating and immersive video collections that are super-easy to discover and explore.

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Video Search

Embed our AI-powered search engine and help your visitors discover videos they want to watch and find relevant information inside videos in real-time.

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InVideo Search

Make viewers fall in


 with your videos

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