Enhance learner engagement with AI-powered in-video interactivity.

Enhance learner engagement with AI-powered in-video interactivity.

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VideoKen AI Player transforms your videos using automated video chapters, in-video quizzes, call-to-actions, and more.

Auto chaptering & topic summary

Help learners navigate your videos using our auto-generated video chapters and phrase clouds. Grab learners' attention, intrigue, and motivate them to get the most out of watching your video. Share specific topics from within the videos as bookmarks without having to tediously edit your videos to create micro-learning content.

In-video quizzes

Create interactive and immersive quizzes in your videos with just a few clicks, and help learners retain the knowledge gained from your content. Use customized Calls-to-Action to keep them engaged and active throughout the learning process.

Actionable analytics

Find out how learners interact with your videos by tracking their behavior. Track engagement metrics such as hot topics, drop-off rates, and revisit points and use that information to deliver more relevant and targeted learning content.

Video Captions & Transcript 

Learners will stay longer if they can understand your videos better. Help them find valuable information with video captions and searchable transcripts that provide high accuracy and are easily editable. Turn on accessibility features so anyone (and everyone) can learn from your videos.

Video Security

Make your learning content exclusive for your learners by adding watermarks and geo-restrictions. Restrict access, disable downloads, and enhance security to protect your learning videos. Leverage SSO integrations to provide a secure learning experience to your learners. 

Trusted by 100+ Learning Leaders

"VideoKen helps transform online learning into a truly engaging and personalized experience for learners. Their intuitive and interactive video solution is more valuable to Learning Leaders now than ever before."

Lorna Bryant
Vice President - Client Success, Stride Inc.

“Videoken is the best solution I've come across that could help Kaplan with our massive video library. It's an innovative way to index, organize, retrieve, consume and display our video learning material to our customers. Videoken's tech allows us to be able to treat video files like text documents - this represents such a great value to learning organizations like Kaplan.”

Sairam Rajagopal
Executive Director - Product Management, Kaplan Inc.
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