February 10, 2022

Measuring learning impact and improving outcomes

In the last of the three-part series, I talk about how deep video analytics can help deliver better “outcome-driven” learning experiences for learning leaders.

Let’s jump right in.…

Your content team has created learning videos that are informative and interesting. Now, how do we know that these videos are effective in imparting knowledge? Are learners actually benefitting from the training videos? Has it become easier for them to find the information they need?

Learning leaders have made it clear over the years that the effectiveness of training videos is one of their key focus areas (and area of concern). Learning videos traditionally have not been very effective, as they, like most informational videos, are opaque, and if I may say, dull.

Over the last few years, technology has made it easier to make videos interactive (without requiring high-end video editing/creation software), and this interactivity has welcomed learners to lean forward and engage with videos. And when learners engage with video content, they reveal their choices and this generates valuable data.

This data allows leaders to understand learners’ behavior in a real-time, quantitative manner. They can easily identify the segments of the video that their learners walk away from, the average time spent on a video, and regular assessments within the videos to let them know the knowledge gained by learners.

If overwhelming stats come back on a particular segment that’s causing maximum drop-off, that segment can be improved or axed. Or, if there’s a segment inside a video that’s getting more attention, it is a signal for the leaders to double down on that topic. Today’s technology can easily mark the different segments of the video, allow learners to share these segments individually, and identify ones that have the highest and lowest engagement, etc.

These proactive actions help us to track, predict, and improve learner engagement, thus making low learner engagement a thing of the past.

Let us use these new insights to create more interactive and interesting learning videos as we enter the new year to ensure better performance of employees and subsequently the business.

Source: This blog first published on Linkedin.


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