May 28, 2022

Interactive Video Quizzes - An Excellent Tool To Imbibe and Retain Virtual Training

Studies have demonstrated the cognitive advantages of a quiz-based interactive learning environment. Changes in educational and learning environments for employees and learners are necessary to help people stay employable in the future.

Inserting quizzes in a video has the "test effect" and strengthens learning processes, making interactive video quizzes one of the most popular features among learning leaders in the L&D and E-Learning domain. 

Here's everything you need to know about interactive video quizzes.

What is a Video Quiz?

The primary objectives of conducting a video quiz for learning heads are to test the participants' knowledge, enhance retention, augment employee engagement, gather data, promote interaction, and examine the ability to think and analyze critically.

It is imperative to repeat a different set of questions on the same topic after a few days or weeks for best results, enabling learners to retain knowledge. The learning leaders encourage this "step-by-step" environment, allowing employees to take video quizzes on the selected device.

Video Quiz tools are intuitive and interactive that can be integrated with videos hosted or embedded within Learning Management Systems (LMS). They make the learning process enjoyable and exciting for learners, generating better results for employers and employees.

How do Interactive Video Quizzes Work?

A video quiz is a seamless interaction using which the content creator adds multiple-choice questions via a user-friendly interface at selected navigation points in the video. 

After answering each question, the video continues. A video quiz has flexible settings that allow learners to skip, repeat, replay, pause, revise, or get a hint for the questions.

Why Use Interactive Video Quizzes?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) provides a solid foundation for delivering training programs – both generic and domain-specific. Videos form a significant part of the training content. Injecting fun and interactive video quizzes into the training program helps employees become more spontaneous, stimulates employees to retain their knowledge over time, brings value for their investment time, and helps them learn outside the classroom.

Unfortunately, many LMS processes lack flexibility and fun, making them monotonous for learners. Video quizzes can add fun and excitement and aid in knowledge retention. 

Here are the most significant benefits of interactive video quizzes:

  1. A variety of video quizzes can be employed so that learners can remember and use the knowledge they have learned. It helps retain knowledge and stimulates the retention of knowledge forever!
  2. The playful side of the quiz positively impacts user motivation and involvement in training. The quiz action evaluates participants' awareness of a particular topic and their knowledge.
  3. You can create Video Quizzes quickly and easily adapt to any situation. By using short quizzes that sometimes appear in employees' daily lives, companies can encourage employees to memorize and retain the information longer and use it for work.
  4. A quiz isn't that obligatory and incorporates gamification elements into the learning style, which eventually improves the employees' ability to recognize previous challenges/tests.

How to Create an Interactive Video Quiz?

You need an effective and interactive software solution for video quizzes, and that's what Videoken offers. VideoKen brings you sophisticated, user-friendly, and AI-based software solutions for interactive video quizzes that can help you enhance the knowledge base of your new learners and existing employees. Follow these steps to create interactive video quizzes with VideoKen:

Step 1: Navigate to the point where you want to add a quiz to the video.

Step 2: Click on the add button.

Step 3: Add question text, and enter answer options as needed.

Step 4: The multiple-choice question begins with two possible answers, and you can also add more options by clicking the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen. By default, the first option is correct. 

Step 5: Click on the (+) icon on the top to add more questions.

Step 6: Repeat the above steps to add all questions. Click "Save" once done. 

Step 7: The quiz is ready and attached for viewers at the selected navigation point in the video timeline.

Benefits of Interactive Video Quizzes in Learning Environments

Higher Retention

According to research, an average employee forgets 65% of recent learning within a week and 90% within six months. Interactive video quizzes are a great way to improve retention rates, and the reasons are that training using visuals is far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional training methods. In addition, providing follow-up questions to trainees in an interactive video quiz will further increase retention.

Improves Learners' Engagement

It provides authentic engagement for trainees using interactive video technology that educates trainees with the video training material, such as company policies and what employees can expect from their new roles. You can customize quizzes to cover a particular topic in each position, eliminating time wastage focusing on non-work-related information.

Accountability and Evaluation

Employees feel accountable when using interactive video technology and are evaluated based on performance. Learning leaders in L&D and E-Learning domains can align a comprehensive test at the end of the video or with a few small tests that learning leaders can take at multiple points during the video. Measuring results can make employees accountable, which is a substantial attribute for companies with remote workers. They have little time to meet, so an application like this can ensure they understand their job responsibilities.

Easy Access

One of the most compelling qualities of interactive video quizzes for training is their accessibility. New employees can watch these videos from virtually any device and complete their training without being tied to someone else's schedule. Management teams don't have to spend time leading training groups to avoid business disruptions. It is also suitable for new trainees. 

Cost and Time-Effective

Interactive video quiz technology simplifies information that can use to provide appropriate and segmented learning. It eliminates the confusion about learning materials that don't necessarily apply to the individual's position and allows companies to prioritize learning material based on employee roles. Video quizzes eliminate intermediaries with high-quality interactive videos that are effective, generating more efficient employees in the workplace. 

Conclusion - VideoKen, Video Quizzes to Enhance Learning

VideoKen's in-video quizzes are simple and help instructors strengthen comprehension, test key concepts, progress knowledge retention, and make videos more interactive. We can add questions without a hassle and add a flexible and intuitive quiz.

VideoKen allows instructors to create multiple choice questions using the video editor with multiple-choice options. Quiz analytics provides quick feedback on student content engagement and results. VideoKen also provides AI-powered video chapters for learners. It adds an interactivity layer on the top of content, automatically generating Video Chapters, Phrase Cloud, and Transcripts of videos, and allows users to search for any video content like a book.


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