Top 20 Employee Learning Platforms

What are employee learning platform

As leaders in the fast-paced world, we should encourage our employees to constantly update their skill sets. Periodic and targeted training is a good way to ensure that.  

Employee learning and development platforms - often referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMS) - are an effective solution for organizations to develop and share training programs with learners.

Why employee learning platforms are important

E-learning platforms are used to provide structured learning programs as a web-based service to a limitless audience. Conventionally, e-learning platforms prefer static content compared to collaborative services.

Post the COVID restrictions, online training programs have become the top priority for most organizations. It will be surprising to note that many organizations still depend on spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and other formats to build an online training plan.

The biggest obstacle with these traditional practices is that such solutions don’t have Learner Analytics and tracking features. It is practically impossible to track the true progress of learners on a larger scale. Additionally, in such a system, the data is not collated and organized in a central place.

In such scenarios, an employee learning platform is the better solution. It also logically provides training resources to the employees. LMS makes it possible to develop learning paths and keep a clear track of completion rates.

Top 20 employee learning platforms

Ok, so we are now clear on the fact that an employee learning system is necessary for the organization to organize and keep track of their training programs. The next important step is to select an employee training platform that’s right for the organization.

Choosing the best employee training platform for your business can have a long-term impact on your employees. It can assist your staff to attain their goals and achieve top performance by incentivizing their learning and growth. 

Here’s the  Top 20 Employee Learning Platform (LMS).


Coursera has collaborated with top businesses and universities across the world to bring exceptional courses to companies of all proportions. Coursera is a prominent player in the online education domain. 

The platform has certified courses from prominent institutions, and premier subscription offers customized courses. Also, to provide a more comprehensive learning experience, video courses are combined with interactive assessments, quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments.

The cons with Coursera include the non-availability of shorter courses, and also the UI is not intuitive.


Docebo is a learning platform that may be used as a complete training solution. You can build and administer all you need - from courses and examinations to groups, chat, and forums. 

The functionality of Docebo, as well as the manner it aids in navigating the learning experience, will ensure that your training is successful. The platform boasts of a modern feel and look, along with frequent updates.

These are the biggest cons related to Docebo - the platform's admin area can be tough to navigate and occasional bugs in the platform as a result of software upgrades. 


It is a cloud-based employee training and development platform that lets customers build, distribute, and track training materials and activities all from one place. Customer service, human resources, and sales departments are the most common users.

Lessonly’s advantages include that it allows administrators to easily develop structured, user-friendly learning materials for their staff. The platform boasts of a customer success team of the highest caliber.

The biggest disadvantages are that there is no support for white-label fonts, colors, or logos. Reporting is only available in CSV format and focuses on per-user data rather than per-lesson data.


Trainual is a learning management system that runs on the cloud. The solution caters to a wide range of industry verticals and allows businesses to automate their training and onboarding processes.

 It aids in the centralized organization of training modules. The solution allows for logo and color modification.

Some disadvantages of the employee training platform include difficulty in identification of users and their roles, issues in navigating for modules or training, etc.


TalentLMS is an award-winning cloud-based learning management system that makes it simple for businesses to provide excellent learning courses to their employees, partners, customers, and students.

The platform has strong reporting features, seamless support for different content formats, and the protected cloud-based storage ensures that the employees’ data is stored safely inside the platform.

The major drawbacks include restricted email notification capabilities and restrictions in the UI of the mobile app.


BizLibrary is a large collection of online learning tools for businesses of all sizes. Employee development, skill gaps, compliance training, leadership, sales growth, customer service, and succession planning are all challenges addressed by the organization.

Shareable playlists, gamification, and a content recommendation engine are among the best features. To boost employee engagement, the focus is on individualized learning systems that prioritize content.

Users list the complicated search for content as one of the biggest cons with BizLibrary.


360Learning allows Learning and Development teams to promote culture and progress via Collaborative Learning. The learning platform blends collaborative capabilities with an LMS's power, allowing high-growth businesses to unlock learning based on communal expertise rather than top-down information.

The UI is a bit complicated to navigate and feature updates are implemented in the middle of business hours which disrupt the employees learning.

360 Learning provides a variety of - collaborative - features while keeping things simple and easy for both learners and administrators. It's a good LMS in terms of quality/price.


Thinkific is a popular course writing and content development tool that allows large and small businesses complete control over staff training. An app store for course design, templates, drag-and-drop training tools, and gamification are among the features. Multimedia, live streaming, and certifications may be included in courses.

Learning leaders can track employee development, engagement, and course completion rates with in-depth reporting tools. They can also get feedback via community involvement and engagement surveys.

Users suggest improvement in user interface and security.


LearnUpon is a cloud-based learning management system that enables businesses to provide training to their employees, partners, and consumers. Exams, surveys, gamification, and certifications can be added to courses. Employees can attend classes on the go thanks to the platform's support for mobile learning.

The program enables new hires to have an impact more quickly. Partner training improves company relationships and generates more money.


Eduflow is a learning management and training platform for corporate trainers. It streamlines the assignment evaluation, course development, and progress tracking processes.

Learners can highlight and interact in the built-in discussion forum. Administrators can personalize the branding and set permissions as needed.


GoSkills is a learning management system (LMS) for teams of any size. Enterprises can efficiently handle, track, and assign lessons, including award-winning microlearning courses from GoSkills.

GoSkills assists teams in developing the business skills they need to achieve their objectives. 

Businesses can train their workers easily on the convenient cloud-based platform thanks to a simple and free setup.


OpenLearn is a cloud-based employee training platform that allows educational institutions, businesses, and governments to prepare learners for the future of work.

OpenLearn is at the forefront of a new generation of education delivery, with a consumer-oriented operating model (B2C and B2B2C), strong network effects, creative implementation of social constructivist educational philosophy, and an integrated data-driven AI-powered education to employment pathway.

Absorb LMS

The Absorb LMS learning management system is designed to increase engagement and outcomes while remaining simple to use. Training managers can customize the program to meet their specific training demands thanks to the versatile administration structure.

The software was created with rapid scaling in mind. Managers might design distinct branding for different departments or clients. The reporting and analytics dashboards give information that can help you make better decisions. You can use the system to track learner development and show a return on investment.


Inquisiq can be customized to meet the demands of your organization's users and administrators. The platform is totally mobile and device-agnostic, allowing for seamless training on the go. 

User dashboards and interfaces are customizable, allowing users to quickly access the functions and information that are most important to them. The powerful reporting tools of Inquisiq make it easy to keep track of user progress and course completion.

Inquisiq is preferred for improved blended learning, administering eLearning, instructor-led, and on-the-job training via a single platform. With a mobile-friendly, skinnable, and multilingual interface, it provides a unique user experience.


Alison is an e-learning platform that focuses on assisting users in the development of work-ready skills. This Irish-based portal provides classes in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic, among other languages.

The platform's income model is based on online pay-per-click advertising, so employees can take free online courses and obtain free online certifications at no cost to them. This makes learning possible for everyone, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

Some of the cons include having to pay to get rid of ads, non-availability of the course description, not-so-interesting instructions, incompatible with mobile, etc.

Unlock learn

Unlock Learn (earlier called GnosisConnect) is a cloud-based online learning platform that helps companies to create personalized training programs for their staff. Organizations can use Unlock Learn to give customized learning content to their employees using interactive technologies.

Unlock Learn provides an interactive dashboard for following the schedules of upcoming training sessions and analyzing live learning performance. Using the built-in messaging features, administrators can assess learner progress and provide suggestions, hints, information, references, and candid comments.

Code of talent

Code of Talent is an award-winning SaaS platform that enables employees to acquire and apply new skills quickly in a fast-paced business environment while reducing training time, expenses, and on-the-job impact.

Companies can use Code of Talent to develop extremely engaging digital learning experiences, as well as sales activities, new product launches, change management programs, and new employee onboarding procedures, using their content assets.


A cloud-based learning management system, Skillsoft enables companies to train their employees through scenario-based courses, online books, videos, and other resources. Leadership development, business skills, digital transformation, and compliance are some of the topics covered by the app's learning courses and training programs.

Skillsoft offers a wide range of cloud-based corporate learning content, including courses, videos, books, and other resources on topics such as business and management skills, leadership development, digital transformation, technology and developers, productivity and collaboration tools, and compliance.

Mind tools

Mind Tools Club learning tools are created, produced, and updated regularly by their staff of professional authors and editors, who ensure that each piece is ethical, neutral, and accurate.

Its comprehensive arsenal is jam-packed with all the learning resources people need to carve out a successful career and strike that elusive work-life balance.


Skilljar seeks to improve user experience to increase business outcomes. This platform is ideal for businesses looking to increase customer retention. Skilljar is a cloud-based learning platform that creates tailored learning routes depending on responsibilities.

Skilljar offers constant, trackable customer training, aiming to increase product adoption rates. This involves incorporating video, documents, text, and iFrames into rich lessons. Quizzes and exams make it simple to assess knowledge and progress.

Customizing courses and granting access is complicated. Evaluation of the employees’ learning is daunting as well. The user is unable to do mass activities or sophisticated customizations such as URL link crafting.


Employee training is critical in any organization since it influences the company's long-term performance. Employees will be prepared with the necessary abilities to perform better in their daily responsibilities if they receive sufficient training. When selecting an employee training platform, a learning leader needs to consider important factors like:

Features: Does the platform have the necessary features? Because it's a waste of resources to pay for features that your employees won’t be using.

UI: Nobody wants to waste time working with too complex software. Furthermore, some tools are more visually appealing than others. For both the admin and the learners, they provide a number of ways to provide the learning content.

Customer support: Reach out to customer service to observe how they treat their customers. Problems inevitably arise, so it's critical to assess how each vendor handles them. Sign up for a demo if you can, to get your questions answered.

Price: Analyze their price model and check if it meets your demands to avoid surprises when you receive the invoice. Also, compare the features that come with each package and whether you require them all.

Reviews: Choose an LMS that has a lot of positive feedback. Leaders might look for a common thread between client reviews when reading them. Consider what the users think of the tool and what they don't like about it.

There are some common issues related to the prominent LMSes like lack of interactiveness, bland videos etc. VideoKen has come up with smart solutions that enable your learners to fall in love with learning and enjoy the experience too. Reach out to our experts to know more about the AI-based Video Interactivity solution.

LMS provides a solid foundation for delivering training programs – both generic and domain-specific. Videos form a significant part of the training content. Quiz and other interactive features in the learning videos make employees more spontaneous and retain knowledge. 

Traditional LMSs lack these interactive elements and make the learning journey monotonous. VideoKen offers solutions that make the learning process fun and effective. Chat with our experts to know more.


How to measure the impact of learning?

The impact of learning can be identified easily via In-video quizzes, analytics on the learner engagement etc.

How do you track employee progress?

Employee progress can be tracked via analytics. This is possible as VideoKen provides insights like popular topics, revisits, drop-off rates and much more gathered from their interaction on the platform.

How do you identify skill gaps?

Assessments, quizzes and evaluations along with asking the employees their needs are effective ways to identify skill gaps.

How can I improve employee retention and satisfaction?

Both retention and satisfaction can be improved with better training sessions. VideoKen has excellent offerings like Video Chapters, VideoLake, In-video quizzes which empower employees with the knowledge they seek.

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